Mind Right Mondays Linkup w/ OKDani.com

Each Monday Dani of http://www.OKDani.com encourages her readership to share what your goals are for the week and what you’re grateful for today! As I work my voice out of my head and into my blog & my worship, this is so up my alley.  Thanks Ms. Dani!

My goals this week are to:

  • Daily devotional time/prayer and study upcoming Sunday School lesson
  • Write each day  – continue to develop blog
  • Bring lunch to work 4/5 days
  • Draw  for side biz each night (a must – tight tight tight deadline)
  • Take time to pump at least 3 times a day
  • Deep Condition and twist out (I’m wearing this high bun out)

I am extremely grateful for:

  • My loving and supportive spouse
  • My health and strength
  • My family – from my very immediate to my in-laws
  • My wonderful church family
  • My job/career/the financial health of my employer
  • Quality spent with my babies this past weekend
  • The expansive potential and power of community on the world-wide web!

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